Family Fun in a Field

Big Families are so much fun!  When I meet a family at their photo shoot, I am always impressed that they managed to (1) arrive, (2) look nice, and (3) the husband maintains the “I am doing this for my wife but I do appreciate the photographs after so I will be fun and do what you tell me to do” face!  It is hard to plan a family session and keep everyone happy up to and during the shoot!  But you know what, it always works out and each family is blessed with memories they can look back on and share with others!  This family impressed me additionally because they drove an hour to their shoot and the kids did wonderful, no need to mention the baby girl’s fussy’s, she’s only one! 🙂  I love this family!

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3 Responses to Family Fun in a Field

  1. Jennifer says:

    Aw, cute family photos! Kelly, your kiddos are adorable and you look fab! 🙂

  2. Tamara Clare says:

    WOW! Kelly these are amazing! Kuddos to your photographer and kuddos to God for such a PRECIOUS family!

  3. kelly taylor says:

    love these megan! especially the ones of marleigh;) can’t wait to see the rest!! thanks jen!!

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