Did Someone say Liam?

Three precious baby boys were born in the month of June, all named Liam.  I am thankful to know each of their moms and their families.   Enjoy the Liam marathon below, starting with the youngest . . .

Liam #1


Liam #2


Liam #3

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4 Responses to Did Someone say Liam?

  1. So cute! Meg, you are amazing with children.

  2. Jeff Logsdon says:

    All the Liam’s are adorable, Megan! Your work is very good–way to use every aspect of our home and yard. :o) Thank you so much!

  3. Adeline Logsdon says:

    Beautiful pictures. I enjoyed seeing these beautiful children.

  4. Adeline Logsdon says:

    Can I order some pictures?

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