Wedding Vows on a Sandy Beach in Carlsbad, Ca.

From the moment I met them, I wanted to photograph their wedding.  They were genuinely in love and were so excited about their wedding day.  They shared with me that the arch was hand made of driftwood and that she would walk down the aisle with both her mom and dad to a song written by the groom.  If those details weren’t enough, as the day unfolded I was welcomed by and drawn to every other personal detail I could find.  Their fingerprints were all over the wedding, making it so personal and memorable.  Thank you for choosing me to photograph your beautiful wedding, which I know will be a beautiful marriage!  Congratulations and enjoy the sneak peek!


The studly groomsmen pictures were taken by Tara Sos, my friend and second shooter for the day!

The drift wood arch was made by the groom . . .

After the ceremony the bride and groom took a walk alone along the beach . . . 

Their first dance as husband and wife . . .Though this one is a wee bit blurry, I love how it shows the playfulness of these two . . .Before the sun set we took a few more pictures in front of the hotel . . .

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